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Robinson Helicopter Company

Robinson Helicopter Company was founded in 1973 by Frank Robinson, whose vision was to produce the world’s highest quality, most reliable helicopters in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. To date, Robinson Helicopter Company has delivered over 13,000 helicopters worldwide.

A battle horse

The R22 has an aluminum monocoque steel tube structure, a lightweight yet robust airframe, while the aerodynamic airframe optimizes airspeed and fuel economy.

R22 Beta II

Un helicóptero versátil

ideally suited for flight schools and operators who want the economy of a small helicopter without sacrificing the power and performance of a large helicopter. The Cadet has the same airframe, rotor system and Lycoming O-540 engine as the proven R44 Raven I. The differences are the Cadet’s aft compartment is reconfigured for cargo, the maximum gross weight is reduced to 2200 lb, and the engine power is derated to 210 hp take-off and 185 hp continuous. The lower weight and derated power provide increased performance margins at high altitudes and extend the time between overhauls to 2400 hours. Cadets feature streamlined instrument panels and a crashworthy fuel system.

R44 Cadet

The Robinson R44 RAVEN II NEWSCOPTER is a fully integrated Electronic News Gathering (ENG)

A fully powered Newscopter provides up to three hours of flight autonomy for continuous live news coverage.

R44 Newscopter

High performance, reliable and easy to maintain

The R44s have a two-blade rotor system, cyclical T-bar aerodynamic instrument panels, and a crash-proof fuel system. A powder-coated and aluminum monocoque steel tube structure provides a lightweight yet robust airframe, while the aerodynamic airframe optimizes airspeed and fuel economy.

Raven and clipper R44

A high performance helicopter

Hydraulically bolstered controls eliminate collective and cyclical feedback forces and provide responsive handling. Low tail rotor tip speed and a large cambered tail reduce flyby noise. The Raven II and Clipper II helicopters are powered by Lycoming's IO-540 fuel injected engine.

Raven and clipper 2 R44

The latest in ENG technology

It includes a gyro-stabilized gimbal that houses an Ikegami HDL-F3000 camera equipped with Canon's 24-to-1 HD lens. Also included are three HD micro cameras; two in the cabin for passenger registration and a third mounted in the tail.

R66 Newscopter

Cost-efficient ready to go

It offers law enforcement a reliable, high-performance turbine-powered helicopter that is inexpensive and easy to maintain. Its streamlined fuselage optimizes airspeed and fuel economy. Out of the box, the R66 Police Helicopter comes equipped with the latest in navigation and surveillance technology.

R66 Police helicopter banner

Reliable and light engine

It runs on readily available Jet A fuel, giving increased reserve power, extra payload and better altitude performance. The R66 meets current FAA crash standards with energy absorbing seats and a crash resistant fuel system.

r66 Turbine banner


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