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Expanding Human Mobility Skyward

Honda Aircraft Company builds aircraft with the latest innovations in aviation to change the way we travel. Every HondaJet uses cutting edge technology to meet a variety of needs, from those of small business owners and entrepreneurs to medevac and special missions. With aircraft that are fast, comfortable, and fuel efficient, Honda is extending the benefits of private aviation to a wider audience.

The World's Most Advanced Light Jet

Driven by a firm belief that you should never stand still, we are continuously seeking to push the limits and evolve our design. This philosophy of continuous improvement led to the introduction of the Elite and now the Elite S, the next iteration of the HondaJet. The new Elite S expands operational capability through increased payload range and enhanced technology. Coupled with bold new styling, the Elite S allows owners and operators to deploy Hondajet’s class leading efficiency to new destinations.

Foundational Innovation

The HondaJet Elite S builds upon the breakthrough aviation technologies introduced by Honda Aircraft to outperform all others in its class.

Fly Faster, Higher, Farther

Cutting-edge innovation makes the HondaJet Elite S the world’s most advanced light business jet, outperforming all others in its class. It climbs and cruises faster, soars higher, offers more room and less noise, and uses less fuel.

A Commitment to Bluer Skies

With highest fuel efficiency in class, the HondaJet Elite S not only transports passengers to beautiful and remote locations around our planet, but also strives to preserve them for the next generation.

Maximum Comfort and Style

Honda Aircraft's innovations give the HondaJet Elite S the largest cabin in class, with a fully private lavatory and smartphone-controlled cabin environment. The HondaJet Elite S gives you more in comfort, so you can get the most out of flight time.

Next Generation Technology

Honda Aircraft Company proposed the HondaJet 2600 Concept to meet the needs of the next era of aviation. Through the development of pioneering aviation technology, the HondaJet 2600 can fly nonstop transcontinental flights across the United States, with a maximum cruise speed of 450 knots and maximum ceiling of 47,000 feet. The cabin provides relaxing accommodations with ample luggage space for long journeys, all while achieving peerless fuel efficiency.

The Ultimate Balance of Innovation and Inspiration

The original HondaJet introduced a number of innovations to aviation inherited by our current models. Discover what makes the HondaJet the most technologically advanced aircraft in its class.

Over-The-Wing Engine Mount

The Over-The-Wing Engine Mount was engineered and proven by Honda's extensive research and development. This innovative technology provides category-leading advancements such as a more spacious cabin, noise reduction, and increased fuel efficiency.

Natural Laminar Flow

Advancements in aerodynamics and NLF technology were applied to the design of the main wing airfoil and fuselage nose shape of the HondaJet to reduce aerodynamic drag. This cutting-edge engineering innovation contributes to high cruising speed and increased fuel efficiency.

Advanced Cockpit

The HondaJet cockpit is built for optimum safety based on thoughtful ergonomic design and state-of-the-art situational awareness. Honda and Garmin developed a highly customized, next-generation all-glass avionics system that brings pilot and aircraft closer together with touch-screen technology. The cockpit is unquestionably built around the pilot to enable either single-pilot or dual-pilot operation of the HondaJet.

Composite Fuselage

Unlike many jets that use aluminum, the HondaJet employs a lighter yet strong composite fuselage. The fuselage is created from a cutting-edge combination of co-cured integral structure and honeycomb sandwich structures. This results in increased cabin space, better performance, and greater fuel efficiency.


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