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With more than 55,000 flight hours and more than 1,500 helicopter and airplane pilots trained, the HANGAR UNO training center is the most active flight institution of its kind in the country. Its instructor staff is made up of professional pilots from our Armed Forces, with individual experience of more than 8,000 hours of instruction. The training are theoretical-practical, using the latest advances in teaching methodology and instruction techniques, both during the flight and in the theoretical classes.

Requirements to enter the flight school:

Possess valid class II psychophysical qualification certificate (CMA Aeronautical Medical Certification)

Possess a certificate of approval of Basic General Education (E.G.B.) or complete Primary Cycle or equivalent.

Possess identity document.

Register in the Digital Aeronautical Box (CAD) on the ANAC (National Civil Aviation Administration) website.

To register in the CAD you must go to the ANAC website and then select the CAD section.

Once entered in the CAD you must follow the instructions provided on the page.

To finalize the registration, the information established through the AFIP must be validated by entering with the Level 3 Fiscal Code.

If the applicant is under 18 years of age or a foreigner, the information may be validated through a Flight School in person and with an identifying document.

The registration ends when the ANAC sends the applicant a username and password that enables him to enter the CAD.

The psychophysical examination to obtain the Aeronautical Medical Certificate (CMA) can be carried out at the INMAE (National Institute of Aeronautical and Space Medicine) or at a doctor authorized by the ANAC.

To start the process, the applicant must have been registered in the CAD and have their username and password.

Frequent questions

What is the minimum age to obtain the license?
To obtain the Private Pilot license for an airplane or helicopter, the applicant must be at least 17 years of age.
You can start the course with 16 years and 9 months.
In all cases where the applicant is under 18 years of age, authorization from the parents or guardian accredited by a notary public or justice of the peace is required.
How long does the training take?
Training duration: minimum 30 days, maximum 2 years.
I am already a Private Pilot, how many flight hours do I need for the commercial license?
You need 200 more hours. Airplane or Helicopter.
I am a Private Airplane Pilot, and I want to be a Private Helicopter Pilot. How many flight hours do I need for the license?
With the PPA license you only need 25 hours of helicopter flight for the helicopter private pilot license.
I am a Private Helicopter Pilot, and I want to be a Private Airplane Pilot. How many flight hours do I need for the license?
With the PPH license you only need 25 hours of airplane flight for the private airplane pilot license.


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